Kevin Spacey
By New York Natives Staff

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Shaker Heights Kids

“Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?” by  Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman

Our children are forced to take more and more standardized tests at younger and younger ages, but while some thrive under the pressure to perform, these tests are the undoing of others. Wherever you fall on the stress spectrum (thanks to your genes, the hormone bath you took while you were a fetus, and your experience), evidence shows that the key to learning how to manage stress might lie in exposure to more competition—as long as it’s the right kind. Great read in the New York Times Magazine.


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Big Pun



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House of Cards

Netflix’s new original series stars Kevin Spacey as a politician every bit as ruthless and calculating as Keyser Söze. In a move that will make customers smile and rival programmers cringe, Netflix has made the entire first season available at once. Get ready for a marathon, because it’s a damn good show.

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