Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Enrique Grijalva Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Enrique Grijalva
By Enrique Grijalva

Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The mouse ran down,
Hickory, dickory, dock.


I suddenly found myself infatuated with deciphering the meaning of this goddamned nursery rhyme. What does it mean? Is it supposed to be some mind-clearing philosophical mantra? Why the mouse? Why the clock? Was the mouse clocking in for work or was there work to be clocked by the mouse?

This is the type of shit that I think about after trips home from Brooklyn’s Body Actualized Center.

After picking up DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman, the provocative book delving into the research that explores the line between science and consciousness, during my visit to Barnes & Noble, I figured I’d hit up the 4/20 Blazer Sound System session at Body Actualized Center. I hoped that the vibe would deliver relaxing vibrations for the soul, which I felt was strongly needed, and there was only one way to find out.

Upon entering this new age spiritual space located on Troutman Street in Bushwick, the neighborhood in Brooklyn that the New York Times refers to as the bohemian refuge, I was greeted by Matthew Silver and Lolo Haha, alumni from the Circus of Dreams. It was actually because of Lolo, who sent me a Facebook invite, that I discovered the event.

Having been to this space before — for House of Screwball and Catland’s Tarot Society, a bi-weekly tarot reading event — I was familiar with the tranquil atmosphere. Yet, I was anxious to let the esoteric environment swallow me whole once again. For a moment, as I hung my shirt up on a coat rack near the entrance, a mysterious world lay hidden behind a blue curtain, covered in golden astrological symbols. There was a deep dub reggae pulsation pulling me in, like a snake charmer seducing a serpent from its man-made cove.

The wooden floors inside the space were peppered with mirthful feet moving to rhythmic beats. However, since I’m not much of a dancer, I chose to avoid the dance floor in favor of sitting at peace with my thoughts. The dim lights, music, candles and gemstones at Body Actualized provided the perfect environment to let the mind wander, to allow the body to move, or to give the soul room to explore each breath taken.

Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Enrique Grijalva

Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Enrique Grijalva

The Body Actualized crew offered two flavors of homemade kombucha, absinthe, beer, vegan treats, and some special cookies. I had the Love Potion kombucha which, due to the long line behind me, caused me to forfeit the opportunity to inquire about the ingredients, and if there was any correlation with this particular batch’s nickname. I found no romantic love; nevertheless, it was in the air.

I could see it all around as I savored each bite of the special cookie that accompanied my love potion. The unwavering fog of ludic expression filled the room steadily and deep into the night, until the clock struck one and the mice ran down. Hickory, dickory, dock.

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