Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Stefanie Skinner Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Stefanie Skinner
By Stef Skinner

Summer is the best time for music festivals, street fairs, rooftops, BBQs, and road trips…and I love a good music festival. So, I’ve been making the time to go to more of them, and for the things, people, and places I love outside of work.

After going to Coachella, I made plans to attend Governors Ball at Randall’s Island Park for three days of music. Here’s the thing about music fests: the prep and planning beforehand can be a bit much. Naturally, the weather is a major consideration when it comes to planning that perfect ‘comfortable-meets-fashionable’ outfit. Along the way, however, it’s painfully evident that many fest-goers take their look way too seriously.

To all of you — and you know who you are — I offer up the following tips, because if I noticed you (and not in a good way), I’m pretty sure everyone else did, too. I’m just actually going to say something about it:


1. The rule of less is more should not always be taken literally.

There is absolutely nothing cute about the booty short…on anyone…at any age. It’s not attractive, and neither is the crop top to match. If you’re going to be standing crouched over with your hands in awkward positions to cover your stomach, you don’t look fashionable or stylish. Plain and simple, you look uncomfortable, and you’re making everyone around you even more uncomfortable.

2. Floral Crowns.

ENOUGH. Floral crowns DO NOT equal festivals or recreate the ambiance of Woodstock. Put down the hot glue gun and call it a day.

3. The Poser Hipster Look.

I envy those that can pull of a perfect off-duty, effortlessly cool style. I would be lying if I said I didn’t look at street style blogs for inspiration at times, but I also like to keep things simple. I love basics. I love mixing a great tee with a boyfriend jean and Chucks. I love a classic look with a bit of an edge, but I also use the images as inspiration and make it my own. When you like a certain style, mix and match items, but don’t put on every item in your closet that you think the ‘downtown’ crowd is wearing. It doesn’t look cool — it looks crazy.

4. One Hit Wonder.

I’m not saying I know every single band and every single song, but I do know music. It’s something I grew up with (I went to my first concert when I was in first grade), and it’s important to me. I’ve always had a real love and appreciation for music, and I’m actually a fan of many of the bands and DJs I went to see during the three days of Governors Ball. That being said, if you only know one or two of a performer’s popular songs, here’s a tip: come at the end. They will usually close with their biggest and well-known hits. It’s disappointing to have people just standing around for all the other songs, taking up my dancing space.

5. Coachella vs. Governors Ball.

I’m going to make this simple: music is music, and people are people. In this situation, I’d have to say there was an equal amount of those that tried way too hard, and those that were actually just there for the music and atmosphere.


So until Lollapalooza, keep the Google searches to a minimum and the cliché trends in your closet.

Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Stefanie Skinner

Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Stefanie Skinner

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