By New York Natives Staff

Nestled amongst the reds and browns of Greenwich Village is Cole’s, a restaurant born immediately following the turmoil of Hurricane Sandy. Construction of the new space took a hit while Sandy raged through our streets, but Cole’s managed to pull it all together for their grand opening late this January.

We caught up with managing partners David Rabin and Kyle Hotchkiss Carone to talk about their vision for the space, what food and wine pairing will make you feel virtuous, and the importance of focusing on feeding the neighborhood. Beyond food, Cole’s features a pretty expansive bar. Of note is the ‘27 Club’ Manhattan which combines Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, sweet vermouth, and—the always controversial—tobacco bitters.

No matter what part of the city you hail from, Cole’s promises an open-armed welcome with its earthy food, 1950s artwork, and their “amber-toned panels,” which are “reminiscent of the warm hues emanated from light hitting a whiskey bottle.” Wild and delicious.

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