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By New York Natives Staff

Blanketed in snow, New York City is the quintessential winter wonderland—especially if you don’t have to slosh through the wintry mix to get to school or to work. One undeniably awesome thing about winter is the potential for a snow day, which translates into free time for some kick-ass sledding. Some might think sledding is virtually impossible in the city, but New York natives know where to go for memorable downhill playtime.

We asked New York natives to reveal the best sledding spots so we could pass the information directly on to you:



Located at 89th Street and Riverside Drive, this Upper West Side spot boasts a steep, long hill that offers optimal sledding conditions. It even has its own listing on Yelp.


Another Upper West Side location that’s earned serious sledding cred is Riverside Park, specifically at 105th Street. When asked about it, one New York native simply exclaimed, “Big hill!” Big hill, big fun.


Dog Hill is located on the east side of Central Park and 80th Street, so enter the park at 79th and 5th Ave to get here. Beware of the arboreal factor on your descent, though; you may have to dodge a series of trees to enjoy a successful run.


Another choice area within Central Park, accessible through the entrance at 72nd Street and 5th Ave., was affectionately referred to by several respondents as “the hill just north of Boat Pond.” Be careful here because fencing may bring your ride to a crashing halt.


Yet another pastoral spot in Central Park conducive to sledding is Cedar Hill, nestled on the east side of the park between 76th and 79th Streets. Some have asserted that it is “hands down” the best sledding spot in the City.


The Bronx’s Van Courtland Park is the fourth largest park in New York City, with ample space to accommodate sledding enthusiasts. One native recalled fondly that her father took her here.


Snow Sledding

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Depending on whether you see snow as a cup-half-full or half-empty situation (or, ahem, a half-popsicle or half-thawed scenario), the flaky precipitation is inevitable. So you might as well bundle up, grab your sled, and enjoy the ride.

And since our list is by no means exhaustive, tell us: Where is your favorite spot to sled in New York City?

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