By Nancy Mendelson

At first I wasn’t sure what was going on this week. But after hearing the same thing from at least three different sources (my reliable self included) within a 24-hour period, I knew there was something cosmic at play. Could it be the work of Uranus? Because everyone seems to agree that the assholes are out in full force and that, well, “PEOPLE SUCK!”

As it happens, Mercury went retrograde again on Saturday. And since the suckage-factor this go-round appears to be at such a chart topping high, I’ve decided not to aggravate the already exasperating state of cosmic affairs with one of my Really People? rants.

Instead, I’m going to grace you dear readers with some photographs of my cats.

Why? Because I am a person — so, by definition, I currently suck. They, on the other hand, do not!

You’re welcome.

Crazy Ozzy

Crazy Ozzy

Lazing about, as Sundays mandate

Sunday with Ziggy & Gracie


Triple threat!

Three Cat Morning


Never underestimate the power of adorable

Baby Ozzie


Why I don’t work from home



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