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On April 1, 1963: Publishing resumed at The New York Times, one of several newspapers to cease circulation during the New York City Newspaper Strike, which started on December 8, 1962. The New York City Newspaper Strike is not to be confused with the Newsboy Strike of 1899, the events of which inspired the Disney musical (and subsequent Tony Award winning Broadway production), Newsies.


On April 1, 1789: The first meeting of the U.S. Congress took place in New York City, though it was originally set to convene on March 4, 1789. The opening was delayed for days, then weeks, because members of Congress were arriving late to the City. The time period’s means of transportation, namely horseback, stage coach, and sailing ship, meant a long and arduous journey for many.

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On April 1, 1965: Former NFL player, John Stuart “Jumbo” Elliott was born on Long Island. Elliott played for the New York Giants, and later the New York Jets. Arguably his most memorable career highlight, Elliott caught the game-tying touchdown in the Jets 23-point 4th quarter comeback against the Miami Dolphins on October 23, 2000. The Jets would go on to win in overtime, and the game would come to be known as the “Monday Night Miracle.”

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