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 On August 23, 1978: Singer-songwriter Julian Casablancas was born in New York City. The frontman for the widely popular band The Strokes, Casablancas and his band have been cited for reviving the NYC post-punk music scene. He recently collaborated with Daft Punk on their song “Instant Crush,” and has worked with everyone from Pharrell to Andy Samberg to Danger Mouse.


On August 23, 1974: John Lennon reportedly spotted a UFO from the balcony of his Manhattan apartment. According to Lennon and another witness, a craft shaped like a flattened cone covered in blinking lights hovered over the terrace before moving over to the next building. Lennon was fascinated with this sighting, even referencing it in two of his songs, “Out of the Blue” and “Nobody Told Me.”


On August 23, 1920: The Bat opened on Broadway. Written by Mary Rinehart and Avery Hopwood, the play takes place in an old mansion where the guests are slowly picked off by a caped villain known as “The Bat.” Though the play has fallen into obscurity, it’s legacy lives on as many recognize it as the original inspiration for a little comic book character known as Batman, which you might be familiar with.

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