By Chris Vespoli

Fourth-generation football player T.J. Barnes sits down New York Natives Creative Director Chris Vespoli at the Jets training facility, and talks about his upbringing in Alabama, his journey from un-drafted rookie to starter, and how he really feels about his rumored title as the “NFL’s Biggest Player.”


Produced by Daniel Parker
Feature Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Daniel Parker

One Response to Native Spotlight: Who is T.J. Barnes?

  1. Ben Anderson says:

    He was measured on his Pro Day at Georgia Tech at 6’6″, 369 lbs. Not sure where the myth that he’s 6’9″ started. There are guys in the league who are taller and who have bigger frames, but none that outweigh him. That may be why he doesn’t seem to embrace the title “NFL’s Biggest Player”

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