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By DJ Lady DM

It feels like someone forgot to tell mother nature its Springtime. The radiant early morning sunlight and general good disposition of the blue sky this winter has been much appreciated, yet, simultaneously deceptive.

As I sit in my kitchen, cold feet nearly bare in slippers, nursing chocolate peppermint tea with quinoa rice milk and planning an outdoor run, I’m personally offended by the weather report. It’s 25 (bleeping) degrees Farenheit outside (!!), which thwarts my plans.

Springtime always feels a little fragile, a dash hopeful, but always welcome by my open arms. Each year, I find myself gripped by an undeniable urge to axe the old, and yield to the new; my winter self colliding with nature’s sap stirred up in my veins, ushering a low-level excitement I struggle awkwardly to express.

Please check the appropriate box if any of the following is true:

 It’s Spring. I’m going to start a new exercise routine by getting up super early to run!

 If you’re single (as I am), frankly every seasonal change presents an urge to get ‘latched”, but none as strong as the wily calls of Spring.

 Jesus. I need a Tan. Pronto!

 That guy I was dating last summer (who in reality was a disaster) was pretty special….I wonder what he’s doing, or if he’s with anyone….

Ok. That’s enough.

Please enjoy my Serenade to Spring, intended for morning listening, gentle awakening, inspired action, and racing pulses.

Presenting selections from: Kate Faust, Bird Courage, Bjork, Boom Clap Bachelors, Crazy P, Mario Basanov & Vidis, Disclosure, Bernhoft, Chaka Khan a’la Todd Terje, and D’Angelo.

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