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Image Courtesy of The Verge

Image Courtesy of The Verge

I’m Still Here: Back Online After a Year Without the Internet By Paul Miller

A great read on how a man lived a year without the Internet, and how his expectations compared to what actually happened. I have to give this guy some credit, most of us would have crapped out by the second day.

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Feel Again by OneRepublic

A favorite among some of our staff; say all you want about OneRepublic, but they’re usually pretty consistent.

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Dirty Old New York Subway From Jonathan Hertzberg

Compilation of the NYC subway system from the 70’s and 80’s. While it may not be particularly thrilling, it’s a nice look into how the subways have changed over the years. The subways have lost that grit and graffiti that made it so iconic, but they’re much safer so that’s always nice.

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Image Courtesy of Apple

Image Courtesy of Apple


Who doesn’t love listening to lectures from really smart people? Wait, are we the only ones that do?

Featured Image Courtesy of The Verge

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