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How do Fireworks Work? by Adrianne Jeffries

In honor of the holiday, why not read up on what makes July 4th really special.


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Give Me Love (True Tiger Remix) by Ed Sheeran

While it’s not exactly new, it’s an interesting take on already awesome song. It won’t hurt to give it a listen.


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Although the new season started last week, we think the last season of everyone’s favorite serial killer is a must watch.

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Image Courtesy of iTunes


If you have ever dreamed of hosting your own podcast hassle-free, this is the app for you.


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Image Courtesy of the Examiner

Oralfix Aphrodisiac Café

With artisanal elixirs and foods that affect libido, potency, fertility and much much more- we think its brilliant. You can have a drink to ease the discomfort of talking about what you really want with your partner (or admitting what you really want to yourself).


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Image Courtesy of Global Graphica

Elastic City

With innovative and unique offerings, Elastic City has something captivating for even the most jaded New Yorkers among us. Yup, we like to learn.

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