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Image courtesy of Ebay

Image courtesy of Ebay

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self by Shad Helmsetter

Whether you’re late for work or a junkie on the subway, you’re always talking to yourself. If you’re going to talk to yourself, why not say something positive? This might help.

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“Control” (HOF) by Big Sean ft Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica

We’re listening to the song that has set the Internet ablaze with responses from New York rappers who feel the need to respond to Kendrick Lamar’s claim that he is the best in NYC even though he is from the west coast.

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The Daily Show‘s Frisky Business segment with Jessica Williams

Reporting from “business Harlem”, Jessica Williams hits the crime-ridden neighborhood of Wall Street to demonstrate that Stop-and-Frisk just doesn’t go far enough. Well done, Daily Show, well done.

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Image courtesy of iTunes

Image courtesy of iTunes


Moves is a sophisticated iPhone pedometer that can separate running steps and walking steps. Did we fail to mention that it’s free?

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Image courtesy of Daniel Parker

Image courtesy of Daniel Parker

Rucker Park, Harlem, NYC

Rucker Park – the legendary basketball courts where NBA stars and up-and-coming “ghetto superstars” cut their teeth in the heart of Harlem, NYC. Like all great New York cultural incubators, Rucker Park has watched young local hopefuls rise through the ranks of professional ball and make it all the way to the NBA. Homegrown baby!

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Image courtesy of Laura Hill

Image courtesy of Laura Hill

Ojon Hair Care

Summer is the cruelest season for hair. NYC winters can be rough, but summer, with salt and chlorine and all the wicked humidity and dirt of the city streets stresses your tresses! We were recently turned on to a suite of revival hair stuff by Ojon: Damage Reverse shampoo, Rare Blend Deep Conditioner, Damage Reverse cream and Rare Melange d’Huiles. We used them all for a month. Wow. Think of it as “triage” for summer hair. Use it and get your hair Fall-ready NYC!

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