Harry Fraud
By New York Natives Staff

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The History of Sexuality Vol. 1 by Michel Foucault
Michael Focault

Photo credit: Leituras da Historia

The primary text everyone must read for their journey into the world of sex and text and identity.


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Adrift by Harry Fraud

Brooklyn native Harry Fraud might be the hottest producer in hip-hop right now. This is a highlight reel of some of his recent collaborations (sadly not including the gem of a video above) along with a few originals.


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Ultimate Soldier Challenge on The History Channel
Ultimate Soldier Challenge

Photo credit: The History Channel

Another quality new offering from The History Channel pits Special Forces teams from different countries against one another in a series of challenges. Particularly relevant given the current interest in Seal Team 6.


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Thread for Android

Photo credit: Thread

“There hasn’t been any true innovation in caller ID arguably in 30 years,” said Sprezzat CEO James Lawrence. On smartphones, “it’s just the name, number, time, and maybe a picture. So much of the screen is untapped and unused.”  Well Thread is tapping it…and hard. The new Android mobile app we are obsessed with populates your mobile screen with the latest information from Facebook, Twitter, text messages, and email to give you a quick snapshot of anyone calling your phone.


Main photo credit: Hip Hop Frathouse

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