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Title  by Meghan Trainor

With an Adele-meets-Natasha-Bedingfield-meets-Duffy-with-a-dash-of-Spice-Girls vibe, Meghan Trainor is proving that it isn’t “All About That Base” with her first full-length album, TitleTitle showcases the unmistakably clear and bright voice of Trainor, while continuing her signature upbeat feel and catchy doo-wop pop (“doo-pop”?) sound. Standout tracks include “Dear Future Husband,” “Walkashame,” “Title,” “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” (featuring John Legend), and “Lips Are Movin.” Title might be a viable solution to Winter weather/Monday blues.


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Ship Your Enemies Glitter

The pitch line says it all: “We send glitter to the people you hate.” Yes, for the low, low price of $9.99, the more vengeful among us can have envelopes full of “stupid fucking glitter that is guaranteed to go everywhere” mailed to foes far and wide — from duplicitous ex-boyfriends to nightmare ex-roommates. The service has become a full-blown social media phenomenon, so much so that the 22-year-old Aussie behind our favorite delivery site since Seamless has temporary suspended orders, and is apparently looking to sell his ingenious idea to the highest bidder. With a purported $20,000 in sales in under a week, we just might make him an offer.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

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The Movies: Paddington  and American Sniper

In our book, bad weather calls for good movies, making the bleak and grey winter months a great time to take in a movie. Two big, if admittedly different, films recently hit theaters: Paddington and American Sniper. Paddington boasts a near perfect score from Rotten Tomatoes, and American Sniper is nominated for six Academy Awards. So, whether you’re in the mood for something serious or something light, it’s a great time for a great movie.


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Route 66 Cafe

This Hell’s Kitchen staple is serving up American classics with top-notch service. Don’t let the comfortable casual appearance fool you; Route 66 Cafe focuses on quality food, a far cry from the usual generic, frozen fare you’ll find at your run-of-the-mill diner. Stop by for breakfast and try the frittata or the challah French toast.


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Commodity Goods

Managing Editor James L. Knobloch






I believe there are certain things in life where corner’s shouldn’t be cut; an example of this is smell. Frankly, I wish more guys would step away from the Axe body spray, and invest in something a little nicer — much like with cheese, I tend to avoid fragrances that come in a can. That’s why I love Commodity Goods. Commodity makes high-quality, fantastic smelling colognes (and perfumes, ladies), forgoing fussy ambiguous names like “Ecstasy” or  “Attraction” for straightforward options like “Gin, Book, Cane, Whiskey, and Wool” for men, and “Mimosa, Gold, Rain, Tea, and Magnolia” for women. As an added bonus, Commodity offers a “Try At Home” option, where a Fitting Kit of all 10 fragrances is delivered to your door. Besides, I just like the look on people’s face when I’m asked what I’m wearing and respond, “Paper.”

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