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By New York Natives Staff

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NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The annual tradition of picking brackets, yelling at the television, and watching the year’s Cinderella story on pins and needles is in full swing. The biggest weekend in college basketball, March Madness never fails to captivate fans the world over.

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The Keurig K-Cup Platinum Brewer
Image courtesy of Keurig.

Image courtesy of Keurig.

Waste not, want not! The Keurig K-Cup Platinum Brewer is essential to the New York Natives office; no mess, and no wasted coffee thanks to quick, single cup brewing at the push of a button. From Starbucks to Swiss Miss, Keurig‘s got you covered.

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The Movies

With so many heavily anticipated films showing, it’s a great time to grab some popcorn and kick back. Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel has both critics and audiences alike raving, but theaters will surely be packed this weekend with moviegoers planning to see DivergentThe first in a planned sci-fi action trilogy, the film is based on Veronica Roth’s bestselling book series that has a frenzied, Twilight-esque fan following. 

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Dream it. See it. Eat it. This week, we were lucky enough to have a couple boxes of delicious YehCakes in the office…which lasted all of 10 minutes. The talented team at YehCakes will create fabulous custom cupcakes perfect for any occasion. Check them out at

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 “I Luh Ya Papi” by Jennifer Lopez ft. French Montana

Jennifer Lopez collaborates with fellow Bronx native French Montana on the first single from her upcoming 8th studio album, expected to drop later this year.

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