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We’re listening to…

“We Made It” by Drake featuring Soulja Boy

Drizzy kicks off the New Year with some attitude. His newest freestyle clearly shows his mindset for the New Year…WE MADE IT!

We’re watching…

Girls on HBO

Girls, from writer, producer, and Brooklyn native Lena Dunham, is back for its third season. Season 2 left us with so many unanswered questions: Will Adam wear a shirt? Will Hannah put on pants? To which sweat lodge did Jessa escape? All jokes aside, we can’t wait for the hit show’s season premiere on Sunday.

We’re going to…

The 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Ok, fine. We’re not going to the Golden Globes this Sunday… but hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will have us laughing as if we were in our beaded gowns and sleek cut tuxedos drinking champagne at the Beverly Hilton Hotel instead of our PJs in our living rooms, holed up in front of the TV, eating popcorn.

We’re downloading…

Image courtesy of iTunes

Image courtesy of iTunes

Nature Sounds App

Become one with nature, even if your most recent experience with nature was sidestepping that rat during your morning commute. This app is perfect for calming down at night after a busy traffic-laden NYC evening. How zen.

We’re using…

Image courtesy of Maybelline

Image courtesy of Maybelline

Maybelline Baby Lips

Baby, it’s cold outside (hello, polar vortex)…and Maybelline Baby Lips moisturizing lip balm comes to the rescue.

We’re wearing…

Image courtesy of Zappos

Image courtesy of Zappos

Merrell Moab Polar Waterproof Boots

With the weather fluctuating from snow, to rain, to sun, and right back to snow, these waterproof boots will keep your feet warm, dry, and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.


Featured image courtesy of The Daily Beast

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