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By New York Natives Staff

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Kindle Unlimited

With Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited service, users can choose from a library of over 600,000 books and thousands of audio books, and enjoy unlimited usage for only $9.99 a month. Thanks to the Kindle Reading Apps, you can read on your various smart devices. Curious? Sign up for a free 30-day trial, and get a complimentary three-month membership for Audible.


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Pocketknife by Mr Little Jeans

Pocketknife is the debut full-length album from Mr Little Jeans, and with a solid, diverse track selection and the unique, strong vocals of Monica Birkenes, we’re confident this is just the start for this pop electronica hybrid. From upbeat to haunting, and feel good to spooky, Pocketknife showcases an impressive range. Standout songs include “Good Mistake,” “The Suburbs,” “Mercy,” and “Oh Sailor,” featuring The Silverlake Conservatory of of Music Youth Chorale.


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Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman star in Universal Pictures’ action thriller, Lucy, and (sort of) answer the question as to what it would be like if people had access to their entire brain. While critics and fans all seem to more or less agree that film isn’t exactly firmly rooted in science. They seem divided, however, as to whether or not that makes Lucy a good film…is it reality-suspending disbelief, or simply unbelievable?


We’re eating…

44 & X

Located in Hell’s Kitchen at the corner of (you guessed it!) 44th and 10th, 44 & X achieves the perfect blend of quality and comfort. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the dining room is upscale but not stuffy. This theme continues with the food, which manages to be neither pedestrian nor pretentious. The menu is composed of dishes you recognize but also can’t get just anywhere, like the buttermilk fried chicken and chive waffle with black pepper and maple syrup jus or the braised short ribs with basil mashed potatoes and black truffle port wine reduction. The thoughtful wine selection and inventive cocktail menu don’t hurt either.

Image courtesy of 44 & X Facebook,

Image courtesy of 44 & X Facebook



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