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Creating False Memories in Mice Brains—and in Yours by Jeffrey Kluger

An interesting look on how the brain can be manipulated, and even made to believe false memories. Luckily we’re not quite at the Inception level yet, the process is only possible in mice.



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Evil by Phox

This Wisconsin-based group is definitely worth a few minutes of your time. Monica Martin’s eerie yet seductive voice sustains the group’s varying musical styles.



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We’re not really sure if a show featuring so many duplicitous lawyers should be this funny, but at the end of the day, we’re not sure it matters.



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It’s a database that lets consumers help crack down on counterfeit goods. You just take a photo of the counterfeit item, and upload it into the app. You will get an email from uFaker with web discounts as a reward. If you’re feeling particularly noble (or just want a good deal), this is the app for you.



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New York Restaurant Week (July 22 – August 16)

Yes, we will take a bite out of restaurant week, but we will do it as all natives know … with a grain of salt. As we have noted before, to really benefit from restaurant week buyer must beware.



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Image Courtesy of Camilla Webster

Pylones: Made in NY!

Pylones’ candy-colored gadgets and goodies are not made in NYC (in fact they are made in China via Paris) but we were so charmed and disarmed to find these fabulous pins that we are proud to sport as we are, in fact MADE IN NY!

Featured Image Courtesy by Comics Online

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