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Image Courtesy of 40 Days of Dating

40 Days of Dating

This surprisingly engrossing series follows two friends that experiment with the idea of being more than just that. Spoiler Alert: shenanigans ensue.


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The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars

The fact that the duo seem be at each other’s throats hasn’t held them back from making another haunting melody. We’re officially impressed.


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Only God Forgives

Ryan Gosling is on a mission to avenge his brother in this visually provocative thriller. Can Ryan Gosling do anything wrong at this point?


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Breakup Text

Don’t ever use this app for an actual break-up. This app exists just for comedy’s sake. Based on options you’ve selected, it will send a rather ridiculous and potentially insensitive message to your soon-to-be former paramour. People deserve better than a breakup app.


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Image Courtesy of The Back Forty

The Back Forty

At 190 Avenue B, the Back Forty opened just before the owner’s beloved Savoy closed its doors for good on Crosby Street. We miss it. A Locavore, Farm-to-Table, rustic garden dining paradise… we also like The Back Forty because the food is delicious and the vibe is mellow.


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Image Courtesy of Sephora


We always hear about the crazy chemicals in nail polish and the dangers of mani/pedis when pregnant. During the summer season when nails are changing color on a daily basis, it’s probably best to look for another option. SpaRitual gives us that option. “SpaRitual® products are crafted for the enlightened consumer, using naturally formulated, vegan, certified-organic, and fair-trade ingredients.” Love it! And only $10 at Sephora.

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