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Image courtesy of Magazine Nook

Image courtesy of Magazine Nook

The Week

The Week gives last week’s news a whole new perspective with digestible, bite-size articles that are perfect for the time-starved.

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Our Fall Sounds playlist on Spotify

Our new Spotify playlist was curated with fall in mind. These tunes are perfect for a crisp autumn afternoon.

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Tinder: The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

Your favorite dating app, Tinder, has gotten The Social Network treatment. Bad Weather Films parodies the Facebook movie with this funny fake trailer for a never-to-hit-theaters film about swiping right for love (and/or lust).

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Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Sarita Dan

Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Sarita Dan

Dumplings at Nan Xiang Dumpling House in Flushing, Queens

In China, making “xiao long bao” is an art form…and the dumplings here at Nan Xiang in Flushing are no exception. Hours of lovingly hand-kneading the dough produce these heavenly little flavor-filled pillows of deliciousness. YUM!

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Image courtesy of Met Museum

Image courtesy of Met Museum

Janet Cardiff The Forty Part Motet at the Cloisters

The forty high-fidelity speakers positioned on stands in a large oval configuration throughout the Fuentidueña Chapel was mesmerizing. Each speaker representing an individual voice transported me to another place in another era – of tranquility and peace. A massage for the soul! The installation will be open until December 8th.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream

This product is true to its word. Cuticles, dry skin, lip balm, eye lids, lady parts, diaper rash…all purpose salve that really, really works. No bullshit.

Featured image courtesy of Rasa Malaysia

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