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Image courtesy of The Atlantic

Image courtesy of The Atlantic

It’s Okay to Call a Guy Creepy by Hugo Schwyzer

Schwyzer serves up an interesting piece for The Atlantic in defense of women calling dudes creepy. If it walks like a creep, talks like a creep, looks like a creep, then maybe – just maybehe’s a creep.


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Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz

We are well aware that this song has been around for a while… but we dare you to listen to the Seattle rapper’s hit without repeating “I got $20 dollahs in my pocket” over and over again.


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White House Down

This action-thriller with Jamie Foxx as commander-in-chief and Channing Tatum as his rescuer has the potential to be epic or an epic fail. Does this movie have Chan’s magic (Mike) touch?


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Image courtesy of Hong Kiat

Period Tracker Lite

It’s a handy-dandy app. Trust.


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Image courtesy of Visit El Barrio

Image courtesy of Visit El Barrio

Lexington Social

Off the beaten path, great small plates and vino, we love this small East Harlem venue.


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Image courtesy of Storm Fasion

Image courtesy of Storm Fashion

Purity Vodka

So smooth and just a touch fragrant. If you’re a vodka virgin… Purity is for you. If you are less than green you’ll love it too.


Featured image courtesy of Cleveland.com

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