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By New York Natives Staff

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Image via The Village Voice

Image via The Village Voice

The Village Voice’s The 50 Most NYC Albums Ever

From Hov to New York Dolls to John Lennon to Cro-Mags, this list brings you the 50 most NYC albums, well, ever.

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The 86th Academy Awards

Bring on the gowns, the tuxes, those gold Oscar statues, and the one-and-only Ellen DeGeneres as host.

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All the Way at the Neil Simon Theater

Bryan Cranston stars as President Lyndon Baines Johnson in Broadway’s All The Way. The cast of twenty thrills by playing some of history’s most dynamic political figures. LBJ bullies, cajoles, threatens his way through the challenges of the times to rebuild the country into a Great Society. It’s not personal, it’s politics.

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Image courtesy of Facebook

Image courtesy of Facebook

4th Bin

We are loving 4th Bin, a company that will dispose of your old electronic devices securely and correctly. They even come and pick it up from your home. Yay, making room for updated electronic devices!

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Sembrado en Nueva York

This East Village eatery, located on 13th Street, is an awesome joint. Great tacos and reasonable prices, what’s not to love?

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