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We’re listening to…

“Who’s Feeling Young Now?” by The Punch Brothers

We can’t get enough of the “progressive bluegrass” group after seeing Inside Llewyn Davis.

We’re watching…

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

This Sunday we’ll be watching LL Cool J host the music award show. Did you know that the award was originally called the Gramophone Award? (Hence, Grammy.)

We’re going to…

Image courtesy of NYC Go

Image courtesy of NYC Go

Patel Bros in Jackson Heights Queens

For a veritable orgy of Indian spices, grains, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables and other products, you’ve got to hit up Patel Bros in Queens. You’ll be overwhelmed in the best way possible.

We’re downloading…

Image courtesy of iTunes

Image courtesy of iTunes


When you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the City’s streets, use Postmates and get any product you need shipped to you in under an hour.

We’re using…

Image courtesy of MineralOne.co

Image courtesy of MineralOne.co

Mineral One Herbal Sinus Reliever

An herbal sinus reliever that gets the job done. Thank you, Mineral One.

We’re eating…

Image courtesy of Nature's All Foods

Image courtesy of Nature’s All Foods


Nature’s All Food Freeze-Dried Organic Blueberries

Sugar addicts, sit up and pay attention. These treats rock…and they’re only 35 calories, 0g of fat, 5g of sugar, and 3g of fiber per serving! Also, they are gluten-free, raw, and vegan.


Featured image courtesy of BET

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