By New York Natives Staff

Manic Panic was the first Punk Rock boutique in America. Founders and owners Tish and Snooky are not only New York natives, but were an integral part of the early Punk scene in NYC; a legendary milieu which included The Ramones, The Dead Boys and Blondie. Tish and Snooky were a part of the original line-up, and hosted Punk legends at Max’s Kansas City and CBGBs such as the Clash and Sid Viscious. Manic Panic launched its original flagship shop on St. Marks Place on July 7, 1977 and never looked back.

From St. Marks Place to the world! Manic Panic left their East Village digs when the rents began to soar and soon after they would be bringing their alternative beauty to the mainstream on an international scale. Their famous hair color  is sported by the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cher, Prince and everyone else in between. What started out as a hyper-local, NYC Punk-scene phenomena, began trending worldwide and the beauty business has never been the same since!

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