By Drew Villano

Almost seven thousand adoptable pets were euthanized in 2012, ranging from kittens and puppies only weeks old to senior cats and dogs. While the number is a decrease from the 8,000 put to death in 2011, the euthanization of adoptable pets in NYC continues to be a big problem — especially when pretentious pet owners purchase trendy “designer dogs” instead of helping to alleviate this very sad issue.

There’s no way that everyone simultaneously began to like the same breed of tiny, useless dog. French Bulldogs are abundant in NYC because they’ve become a trend, not because everyone woke up and suddenly realized how great they are. Which is not to say they aren’t good dogs, because any dog can be a good dog. And that is the entire point.

You’re not buying shoes. Your preference of breed is less imperative to follow through on than it would be while purchasing clothing or, you know, something that doesn’t involve loneliness and untimely death. Unless you are shopping at X, because slave children make those clothes. And besides, odds are that an adoption agency specializing in the kind of breed you want exists in or close to New York City.

Not only is the cost of adopting way lower than purchasing a dog by hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but by buying a dog you are actually indirectly supporting the slaughter of perfectly adoptable animals. This is not some crazy cat lady “buy drugs and support terrorism” logic. Every purchased dog quite literally represents one that could have been taken from the shelter, wasn’t, and was consequently put down.

Image courtesy of Drew Villano and Narek Gevorgian

Image courtesy of Drew Villano and Narek Gevorgian

Shelters are overrun. The city is unable to handle the amount of dogs in both kill and non-kill shelters right now, let alone ones that are being surrendered on a daily basis. While it is infinitely irresponsible of the dog owners who assume responsibility of a dog they do not intend to or or not capable of caring for, it’s just as irresponsible for one to turn a blind eye to the plight of those animals and purchase a dog instead of “doing their part” and trying to undo a little of the damage.

You can’t save the world, but it’s that one-starfish-at-a-time concept. You remember that story? Some good hearted little kid was found throwing washed-up starfish back into the ocean when some jaded shithead adult said “you know you can’t save all the starfish; what you’re doing doesn’t really make a difference,” to which the kid politely declined to say “fuck off” but instead replied, “it does to that one.”

Want to cry on your lunch break? Browse through the list of needy and adoptable NYC dogs set to be put down tomorrow on the rescue-run Facebook page Urgent Part 2.


Featured image courtesy of Senior Planet

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