Laura Hill- OFFBEAT

Science tells us that the human mind is created (biologically altered) by the experiences it has over a lifetime.  One who spends their life in a certain place will most certainly be the product of that environment.

In January of 2011, as host to an unusually robust influx of visitors to NYC, I was struck by the fact that people are generally amazed that anyone could be born, and raised and continue to live in this city. Finding myself in that exact circumstance, and fielding myriad conversations about the weirdness of it all, I was inspired. With all of the vast life and culture emanating from and gravitating to this city, I agreed that there must be something unique about the native experience.

In late February 2011 I conceived of and created “New York Natives” as a WordPress blog and then went on to co-found the company in late summer of that same year.

Under the influence of a lifetime of highs and lows in the city, from Park Avenue to East New York, Wall Street to Inwood, I do believe that my brain is the odd product of this town. And I am grateful every day for my little unique bit of gray matter.