Amy Phillips Penn

I was born breech, (that’s “horse,” for upside down) in Doctor’s Hospital in a year that escapes me.

I felt swathed in enough New York security to be adventurous.

Note to self: this city loves me back.

Can a mutt be pedigreed or vice versa? If so I am, New York style.

I relish working with New Yorkers BIG TIME, they shoot straight.

If you’ve ever lived in L.A. you’ll understand.

Favorite New York “me” times?

Riding showy Saddlebreds in Central Park; working with my mentor, New York Post society columnist, Eugenia Sheppard; and sort-of sitting in the world’s slowest taxi in the snow, inching towards Doctor’s Hospital, to wait for my new and tiny sister to come into her very own New York world.