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By Camilla Webster

Rule Number 1: “When you’re upset, buy a lipstick.” That’s what mother told me. “You will look and feel better immediately. You will not break the bank, and you won’t ruin your figure.” I found at least twenty lipsticks in my mother’s drawer in her apartment, which can be calculated to approximately one upset a year (and some colors just for pleasure).

Here are her some of her other gems to make you smile.

2. Never call a man. Never call a man back.

Why It Matters: The art of the chase. If a man wants to be with you, he will invite you out and he will call you again.

3. Never complain. Never explain.

Why It Matters: An air of mystery is the thing; You are a creature unlike any other.

4. Drink Beaujolais, Drink Champagne, Drink Kir.

Why It Matters: Treat life as a celebration. It has many seasons with drinks to match. 

5. Eat before a date and a cocktail party.

Why It Matters: You are a lady not a ravenous or drunken beasty. You will be more present to interesting conversation.

6. To Lose 10 Pounds Before a Black Tie Event: Follow this Regimen for 3 Days.

Breakfast: 5 prunes
Lunch: 2 eggs
Dinner: 1 piece steak

Why It Matters: “No woman can be too rich or too thin,” said The Duchess of Windsor…allegedly…a long time ago.

7. Window shop at the best department stores.

Why It Matters: Set your taste with the top designers and materials. Then shop anywhere you like. 

8. Take care of your face.

Why It Matters: You can always lose weight, your face if irreplaceable. Get facials regularly. 

9. Brush your hair, 100 Strokes before bedtime.

Why It Matters: How else do you plan to take care of that tousled mess?

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